LifeStudio uses a unique method to make you and your family unconsciously reveal the most true moment, breaking the traditional photo studio 123 laugh photo taking framework, interactively, you can shoot professionally in every corner of the shooting area. Each of our photographers must undergo professional training and obtain a photography-related diploma, and be taught, trained and passed the assessment by our operating director, Dr. Gordon Lam, to ensure that he understands your true needs for images as a parent. Our studio provides a training platform for photography practitioners who have no educational requirements in the past. You don’t want a photographer who has just graduated from high school who claims to understand photography to shoot your professional family photos for you and your family, right?

Breaking from the traditional practice of looking at photos in a week or two in the photo studio, the photos can be selected about fifteen minutes after the shooting. We use professional equipment and photographer skills to provide customers with selection without any modification. It takes some time for photo retouching, though.

First of all, our demo photos are definitely not demo photos taken with models. They are all photos of guests who don’t mind sharing with you. Have a smile from your heart? I believe that you can only understand with your experience. Want like to know more? Please call our hotline 21140311 or WhatsApp 96952282 immediately!

We mainly use white backgrounds. In terms of photography technology, white backgrounds are the most difficult to master. You can refer to the white backgrounds of other photo studios. Most of them are white with gray or light yellow, while our white is pure white. In order to cater to the diversified market, we also provide a number of live scenes of warm families, but first of all, what photos you want to take when you visit the studio? Of course not the background! A white background is the best way to highlight the subject, not to mention that you want to take a series of warm family photos. Could it be that the background of Mount Fuji will be more warm? If it is true, consider shooting in Japan or looking for it in Dongguan.

Of course you can, but since each filming session is an independent and private session, we hope that customers can inform us as soon as possible to make appropriate arrangements.

Clothes-(Depending on the number of backgrounds, you can prepare 2-4 sets of clothes.)
You can wear any clothes, choose brighter colors as much as possible, and avoid wearing white and light-colored clothes.

Favorite toys and items with commemorative value – It is recommended to bring your children’s favorite toys or items with commemorative value to take with you, such as: medals won for the first time, warm brand sweaters from Mommy, etc. More meaningful. Snacks – Preparing some foods such as bread and biscuits for children is very helpful for shooting.

We can arrange for a makeup artist, but Life Studio mainly captures the most true and natural moment. We will suggest that guests to apply a light makeup or just put on a little lipstick. The photo studio also provides basic retouching services, and a few peasy prints on the surface can be removed for free for guests.

This photo studio arranges an independent time slot for each customer. It takes about half to two hours from the beginning of shooting to the computer picking of photos. Please arrive at the photo studio ten minutes early.

We can send the selected photo files to Facebook Messenger after the resolution is reduced and send you a copy on the shooting day. For the original files, you can purchase a new USB 3.0 memory stick from our company to instantly copy the selected photo JPG files. The photo retouching service takes about three to four weeks. When the photo retouching is completed, we will notify the customer to download the retouched JPG original file on the Internet. You may ask why the photos viewed on the computer are much clearer than the printed 4R. The reason is that the resolution of 4R or photo paper is much lower than that of the file, and there is a big gap between light and dark. And our photo files can be enlarged to 1:1 or larger, so viewing photos on the computer will be much clearer than viewing 4R photos.

During the photography process, customers are not allowed to take photos or record videos themselves.

Of course! Our professional photographers will consult and understand the customer’s needs before shooting.

Of course! Our photo files exceed 10 million pixels and the resolutions are very fine. Generally, 30×30-inch oil paintings are not a problem, but of course we also need to look at the quality of the photo printing company.

We provide multiple sizes of UV photo albums, professionally designed photo albums and oil paintings. They are also sold below the market price (only for photos taken in our shop). For details, please contact our staffer.

Payment is made after the shooting and the selection of photos. We only accept EPS and cash payment for the time being.

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